About Us

windmill-escavating-construction-windmill-imageWindmill Excavating and Construction

Quality Assurance Guaranteed. We are a Coachella Valley Family-Owned and Operated Construction Business. 


WEC was founded by Simon Hernandez and established our company as an area leader in excavation, demolition, earthwork, and many other soil projects utilizing our expertise with heavy equipment.

We handle both Residential and Commercial projects and our range of services cover many aspects of excavation, demolition, and heavy equipment material removal services.

There are many variables to consider regarding heavy equipment projects for engineering and construction services.

We care about our clients!  Our expertise and experience in large-scale construction operations are invaluable to help optimize projects safely and efficiently.

Excavation Resevoir Dig

Windmill Excavating and Construction offers clients quality advice for critical decisions before beginning a construction project.

Our expertise can be of great assistance before starting a large excavation, foundation/structure removal, and other large demolition projects. Contact us and we will be  happy to answer any questions regarding your project.


Our Licenses and Certifications

  • Class A License General Engineering
  • Class B License General Construction
  • Bonded and Insured Partner – California Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program
  • Certified Contractor EBB
  • Septic System Certification Contractor C-42
  • CPR First Aid and AQMD Certified