Septic System Repair

A Septic System Repair Involving A Corroded Concrete Tank

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The failed concrete tank has resulted in dirt migrating over to the gray water side and out into the leech field. We will be tearing this out, installing a new 750 gallon tank with 40 feet of leech line and high capacity chambers.   GETTING IT DONE !
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Septic System Repair

Concrete Preparation

View us working on a concrete preparation project for a garage foundation and additional concrete slab work around the pool.

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Windmill Excavating And Construction busy at work prepping a concrete foundation for a garage.  A plastic vapor barrier sits six inches below level calling for compaction on natural grade. Next comes two inches of sand and then concrete. More concrete slab work, pool work, and drains will complete this project.

Concrete Preparation

Septic System Certification

Watch Our Team Perform On This Septic System Certification Project

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Windmill Excavating And Construction Getting It Done. This project included pumping out the septic system with a hammer pump, coordinating a tank repair, and installing a new leech field for inspection and certification.

Septic System Services Palm Springs

septic system certification

Soil Import & Excavation

Soil Import And Excavation Project

Windmill Excavating And Construction completing a playground project at the Montessori private school. The job included importing sand for the playground. All done, no accidents, and the kids are ready to play.

Excavation And Soil Import For Playground Project

Foundation Concrete Project

Watch the Windmill Excavating and Construction Team On-Site. We are a full-service construction company with heavy equipment expertise. We work on Residential and Commercial projects with quality workmanship in excavation, concrete construction, structural demolition, septic systems, and many other specialty construction concepts.

Excavation Services Palm Springs

excavation services and equipment

Welcome To Windmill Construction & Excavation Services

We are a full service excavation and construction business serving Palm Springs, The Coachella Valley and surrounding areas including the High Desert and Banning Pass. We are experienced in many soil and groundwork services and specialize in heavy equipment for large haul projects.  Windmill Excavating And Construction has provided expertise and quality ground work for projects ranging from excavation and grading, concrete demolition and hauling, to sewer and septic system repairs and certifications.

Here is a partial list of our many excavation and construction services.

Our Services

Grading and Excavating

Hauling and Demolition

Affordable Junk and Debris Removal

Can Haul Away Large and Heavy Commercial or Residential Items

Repair and Certify Septic Systems

Concrete Work: Standard Repairs to Stamped Concrete

Haul Away Broken Concrete

Demolition from Old Buildings: Heavy Concrete Slabs, Steel Piping, Structures

Dump truck Services

Bobcat Services

Backhoe Services

Skip-Loader Services at Affordable Rates,

Foundation Ground and Earthwork,

Export and Import Soil, Gravel, Concrete, etc.

Trenching and Soil Removal for Utilities